Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement is an all inclusive business application that helps enterprises break down business challenges and enables organizations to improve customer engagements. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (or CE), originally Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Relationship Management or CRM, empowers enterprises to manage and enhance client relationships while streamlining business processes, centralizing client information, delivering meaningful analysis, and enabling responsive customer support service. As a leading cloud- enabled business solution, the application enhances the efficiency of sales and marketing teams through deep data analysis, informative insights (by business intelligence), and proficient campaign management.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM connects various CRM functionalities to a single platform that helps businesses enhance customer engagements. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE unifies Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, Selling, Advertising, and Customer Care, among others, into one solution. With all these ultra- connected tools, Dynamics 365 CE is just the best platform for enterprises looking to grow customer base.

Advantages and Benefits

Dynamics 365 CE helps optimize business operations and integrate the complete customer experience onto a single platform, thus allowing organizations to operate more efficiently. In addition, the application enables personalized customer relations with consistent experiences through meaningful interactions.

Here below are the major advantages of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement implementation, Dynamics 365 Customer Service implementation.

Quick and Easy Integrations help manage every customer interaction effectively, leveraging a single infrastructure while connecting with integrated services like Office 365 and other customized business applications.

Enhance Customer Experiences with exceptional customer service using advanced tools and deep data analytics.

Adaptable and Customizable Platform empowers businesses to transform and expands as the organization grows.

Ensure Intelligent Insights, through Microsoft Power BI, for data- driven, informed business decisions.

Raise Revenue by accessing the real time selling statuses that allow users to communicate and develop the most effective strategies to close deals.

Improve Customer Satisfaction through insightful, deep data that enables customer support teams to understand customers better and help boost customer loyalty.

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Deployment

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM) is available as a cloud- based, on- premises, or hybrid solution.

Cloud- Based

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement in the cloud implementation enables enterprises, especially professional services businesses, to enhance operational flexibility while ensuring big savings.

  • Comprises smart solutions embedded in a scalable and flexible cloud environment for efficient business functions.
  • Provides flexible licensing options through a premium account that helps users effectively manage business information.
  • Ensures lower spending with zero initial license charges, hardware expenses, software license renewals, and easy to manage dedicated CRM server.
  • Enables process improvement with Microsoft supported availability service agreement.
  • Improves data security with a five- layered encryption system and ISO 27001 compliant backup/ recovery solution.
  • Assures improved business performance through integrated SharePoint, Skype, and Exchange capabilities with Office 365.

On- Premises

Deployed on local business servers, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE on- premise solution provides users complete control over the data, zero programming restrictions, and automated upgrades.


  • Ensures maximum return on business investment leveraging existing technology infrastructure and internal enterprise operations.
  • Enables users to access the data, applications, and technology.
  • Minimizes business expenses with no extra storage fees even if the database exceeds the usual 5GB cloud CRM online service limitation.
  • Allows testing modifications before implementing and providing access to users.


Dynamics 365 CE’s hybrid implementation combines the benefits of cloud and on- premises technologies. Users need Microsoft licenses for the solution, hosted by a local, certified Microsoft Dynamics partner like Dynamics Square.


Delivers all benefits of the cloud- based environment, including:

  • No upfront investment and subscription-based license flexibility.
  • Requires no Infrastructure.
  • Enables remote monitoring.

Provides all benefits of an on- premises deployment, including:

  • Allows unlimited command over the data and setups.
  • Relocates servers quickly and transports data with ease.

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Certification

Microsoft also offers certifications for Customer Engagement apps. They help individuals within business teams, and businesses by utilizing Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Applications in the best possible manner.

Individuals with a certifications are able to perform following activities well.

  • Counseling and knowledge creation are the two most critical aspects.
  • Control service contracts, credentials, and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Manage business schedules and organize the metrics.
  • Ensure multidimensional customer support.
  • Create a Microsoft Data configuration.
  • Develop applications using Power Apps.
  • Create and maintain automated processes through the Power Automation program.
  • Encourage users to use Artificial Intelligence or AI powered tools by Power Virtual Agents.
  • Integrate Power Applications with other applications and services.

The Crux

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement delivers assured contextual information and evaluates the next system application with the client. The system also evaluates internal and external data to analyze patterns and develop forecasts.

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